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Remain in touch with your e-mail and protect yourself! AEM combines: email checker, antispam
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9 October 2002

Editor's review

Active Email Monitor is the powerful email protection tool that will enhance your email reading experience and put you back in control of what enters your email box. Robust features and an intuitive easy-to-use interface make AEM a powerful tool to add to your Windows OS.
Active Email Monitor is actually a four-in-one email utility. Built-in email checking monitors your email accounts for new email in real-time. Anti-spam filtering ensures you never again have to deal with annoying email that should never have been placed in your POP box in the first place. Mailbox cleaning is accomplished through the use of a sophisticated filtering system. Finally, an antivirus/worm system built right into the program means you will never be at the mercy of another email virus or worm such as Melissa or ILOVEYOU again.
Updates are made available via online database updates ensuring you have the latest protections from the most current trends in SPAM “waves” and worms. You can use the default filters to fight your SPAM of define custom user-defined filters on-the-fly. Accounts can be exported directly from Outlook Express and Active Email Monitor works with most popular POP3 clients.
Active Email Monitor is a powerful email monitoring and SPAM prevention and removal system that comes highly recommended by me. I truly think in today’s world of rampant email worms and SPAM, no PC user should be without email protection and AEM fits the bill nicely for every scenario you can think of. AEM is a quality product for users of email everywhere.

Publisher's description

Active Email Monitor is an email utility that can check multiple accounts for email, but it can do so much more. The program is more than just an "email checker" and can protect you from garbage mail and harmful elements that are often sent via email. Active Email Monitor serves to protect from junk email because it serves as a SPAM filter. You can use the program to create any number of filters and thereby cut down on the amount of "junk" email you receive. In addition, Active Email Monitor can also protect you from harmful items that can be sent via email. The program is anti "bomb" and also anti virus! It can screen against harmful emails like the well-known "ILOVEYOU" or "Melissa" and other email worms. By being able to identify such harmful email before you ever open it, Active Email Monitor keeps you and your computer safe. The program can recognize potentially harmful items and can neutralize them before they cause you problems! The registered version of the program has a built-in feature that updates the programs filter database while you're online. As Active Email Monitor retrieves only headers of the messages, but not the entire ones, it works very fast even if messages are very large, so you can kill "BIG" SPAM letters directly in your mailbox, without wasting a lot of time and money downloading them. Comes with detailed video tutorials!
Active Email Monitor
Active Email Monitor
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